China supplier S355j2g3 Forged Ring Plate Rings Rotating Rings

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S355J2G3 Forged Ring Plate Rings Rotating Rings

Our S355J2G3 Forged Rings are hot forged and rolled, ensuring high strength and durability. They undergo heat treatment and machining processes for precision. We conduct UT tests to ensure quality. Perfect for industrial and heavy-duty applications.

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Company Profile

ZheJiang HangZhou Forgings Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2007, ZheJiang HangZhou Forgings Co., Ltd. has grown from a small factory to become a reputable manufacturer in the field of seamless rolling forged rings and related products. With over 10 years of experience, we have established ourselves as a trusted name in the industry.


Our Products

ZheJiang HangZhou Forgings Co., Ltd.

Forged Rings for Bearings and Slewing Ring Bearings

HangZhou is a leading manufacturer of forged rings for big size bearings and slewing ring bearings. Our high-quality forged rings are designed for various industry applications, including:

  • Bearings for industrial machinery
  • Bearings for wind mills
  • Forged rings for flanges
  • Forged rings for ring gears

With our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and skilled workforce, we ensure that our forged rings meet the highest standards of quality and precision. Our products are known for their durability, reliability, and exceptional performance.

Choose HangZhou for all your forged ring needs and experience the difference in product quality and customer satisfaction. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and place an order.

Seamless Rolled Rings and Flanges – ZheJiang HangZhou Forgings Co., Ltd.

At ZheJiang HangZhou Forgings Co., Ltd., we take pride in manufacturing high-quality seamless rolled rings and flanges that cater to various industries. With our advanced forging equipment, CNC machines, and experienced operators, we ensure precision and reliability in every product we create.

Seamless Rolled Rings

Our seamless rolled rings are designed to meet the specific needs of different applications. Whether it’s slewing ring bearings, wearing rings, wind turbine slewing rings, or wind turbine blade bearings, our seamless rolled rings provide exceptional performance and durability.

Large Diameter Flanges

When it comes to large standard flanges, large custom flanges, and wind tower flanges, our workshop is equipped to handle the manufacturing process with utmost expertise. We understand the importance of reliable and sturdy flanges in various industrial settings, and our products meet the highest standards of quality.

Ring Gears, CHINAMFG Tyre and Wheels, Seamless Rolled Neck Rings

In addition to seamless rolled rings and flanges, we also specialize in manufacturing ring gears, CHINAMFG tyre and wheels, and seamless rolled neck rings. These products are crafted with precision and attention to detail, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Main Materials

Our products are made from a range of high-quality materials, including A105, SA350LF2, A694, C22, S235, S275, S355J0, 42CrMo4, C45, and S48C. These materials are carefully selected to meet the specific requirements of each product, guaranteeing strength and reliability.

Choose ZheJiang HangZhou Forgings Co., Ltd. for all your seamless rolled rings, flanges, and other forging needs. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets us apart from the competition.

                             S355NL, S355J2G2, S355JR,Q345E 

Technology Processing

High quality forged rings and plate rings made by ZheJiang HangZhou Forgings Co., Ltd. Strict control ensures CHINAMFG in every step of the process. Perfect for industrial and heavy-duty applications.


Forging Workshop

Production Line No.1:  1600mm Ring Roller Mill

Production Line No.3:  5000mm Ring Roller Mill

Machining Workshop CNC
Heat Treating Workshop Normalizing (N),
Quenching and Tempering (Q+T)


Our Customers

High-Quality S355J2G3 Forged Ring Plate Rings Rotating Rings

Our S355J2G3 forged rings, flanges, and plate rings are made with precision using forging press and ring mill techniques. These steel forged rings offer high strength and durability, making them ideal for industrial and heavy-duty applications. Trust in our high-quality products for long-term customer satisfaction and cooperation.


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Processing Object: Metal
Molding Style: Forging
Molding Technics: Forging Press, Ring Mill
Application: Slewing Ring Bearing, Bearing Industry
Material: Steel
Heat Treatment: Quenching and Tempering


Can you describe the factors to consider when selecting slewing rings for specific applications?

When selecting slewing rings for specific applications, several factors need to be considered to ensure optimal performance and reliability. Here’s a detailed description of the factors to consider:

  • Load Requirements: The load capacity of the slewing ring should match the anticipated loads in the application. Consider both the maximum static load (weight of the structure or equipment) and dynamic load (forces during operation). It is crucial to analyze the load distribution, including axial, radial, and moment loads, and select a slewing ring with sufficient load-carrying capacity to handle these loads.
  • Space Limitations: Evaluate the available space for the installation of the slewing ring. Consider the diameter, height, and width of the slewing ring to ensure it fits within the space constraints of the application. It is essential to consider both the external dimensions of the slewing ring and the required clearance for rotation.
  • Rotational Speed: Determine the required rotational speed of the slewing ring. Consider the application’s operating speed and any specific speed limitations. The slewing ring should be selected to accommodate the rotational speed requirements while maintaining smooth and efficient operation.
  • Environmental Conditions: Evaluate the operating environment of the application. Factors such as temperature, humidity, dust, water exposure, chemicals, and corrosive elements should be considered. Choose a slewing ring with appropriate sealing systems, corrosion-resistant materials, and lubrication options to withstand the specific environmental conditions.
  • Accuracy and Positioning: Some applications require precise positioning and rotational accuracy. Determine the required level of accuracy and select a slewing ring that provides the necessary precision. Factors such as gear mechanism, backlash control, and manufacturing tolerances contribute to the accuracy of the slewing ring.
  • Operating Conditions: Consider the overall operating conditions of the application, including factors such as shock and vibration levels, duty cycle, continuous or intermittent operation, and expected service life. The slewing ring should be designed to withstand the anticipated operating conditions and provide reliable performance over the desired lifespan.
  • Integration and Compatibility: Assess the integration requirements of the slewing ring with the rest of the system or equipment. Consider factors such as mounting interfaces, connection points, gear compatibility, and the need for additional components such as drive systems or bearings. Ensure that the selected slewing ring is compatible with the existing or planned system components.
  • Industry Standards and Regulations: Depending on the application, specific industry standards and regulations may apply. Consider any applicable standards, such as ISO specifications or industry-specific guidelines, to ensure compliance and safety in the selection of the slewing ring.

By carefully analyzing these factors and selecting a slewing ring that meets the specific requirements of the application, one can ensure optimal performance, longevity, and reliability of the slewing ring in its intended use.

Can slewing rings be customized for specific industries or machinery configurations?

Yes, slewing rings can be customized to meet the specific requirements of different industries or machinery configurations. Customization allows slewing rings to be tailored to suit unique applications, operating conditions, and integration needs. Here’s a detailed explanation of how slewing rings can be customized:

Slewing ring manufacturers understand that different industries and machinery configurations may have specific demands that require customized solutions. By working closely with customers and understanding their requirements, slewing ring manufacturers can offer the following customization options:

  • Dimensions and Load Capacity: Slewing rings can be customized in terms of their dimensions, such as outer diameter, inner diameter, and height, to fit specific space constraints or load requirements. This ensures that the slewing ring can be seamlessly integrated into the machinery or equipment.
  • Mounting Interfaces: Customized slewing rings can be designed with specific mounting interfaces to match the existing or planned machinery configuration. This facilitates easy installation and compatibility with other components.
  • Gear Specifications: For applications that require integrated gears, slewing rings can be customized with specific gear specifications. This includes the number of teeth, module, pressure angle, gear quality, and backlash requirements. Customized gear specifications ensure smooth and precise motion control.
  • Sealing Systems: Slewing rings can be customized with sealing systems to provide protection against environmental factors such as dust, water, and contaminants. Different sealing options, such as labyrinth seals, lip seals, or combination seals, can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of the application.
  • Materials and Coatings: Customization allows slewing rings to be manufactured using different materials and surface coatings to enhance their performance in specific industries or operating conditions. Materials such as stainless steel, heat-treated steels, or corrosion-resistant alloys can be chosen based on factors like temperature, corrosion resistance, or weight considerations.
  • Specialized Features: Depending on the industry or application, slewing rings can be customized with specialized features. This may include integrated sensors for position feedback, temperature sensors, or additional functionalities like locking mechanisms, lubrication systems, or anti-corrosion treatments.

The ability to customize slewing rings for specific industries or machinery configurations ensures that the resulting solution is optimized for performance, reliability, and longevity in the intended application. Customization allows for a precise match between the slewing ring and the machinery, considering factors such as space constraints, load requirements, environmental conditions, and integration needs.

It is important to work closely with slewing ring manufacturers or suppliers who have expertise in customization and can provide engineering support to develop the most suitable solution for the specific industry or machinery configuration. By leveraging customization options, industries can benefit from slewing rings that are specifically designed to meet their unique requirements and optimize the performance of their machinery or equipment.

What advantages do slewing rings offer compared to other rotational components?

Slewing rings offer several advantages compared to other rotational components. Their unique design and features make them a preferred choice in various applications. Here’s a detailed explanation of the advantages that slewing rings offer:

  • Compact Design: Slewing rings have a compact design that allows for efficient use of space. Compared to other rotational components such as gears and bearings, slewing rings provide a compact solution for supporting axial, radial, and moment loads while enabling rotational motion. Their compactness is especially advantageous in applications with limited space or weight constraints.
  • High Load-Carrying Capacity: Slewing rings are designed to handle significant loads. They are capable of supporting both axial and radial loads, as well as moment loads that result from uneven weight distribution or external forces. The robust construction and precise engineering of slewing rings enable them to withstand heavy loads, making them suitable for applications that require high load-carrying capacity.
  • Smooth Rotation: Slewing rings offer smooth rotation, allowing for precise and controlled motion. The rolling elements, whether balls or rollers, are positioned and guided within the raceways of the slewing ring to minimize friction and ensure smooth movement. This smooth rotation contributes to precise positioning and controlled motion, which is essential in applications that require accurate positioning and smooth operation.
  • Integrated Gear Mechanism: Many slewing rings come with an integrated gear mechanism. This eliminates the need for additional gearing components, simplifies the design, and reduces assembly time and costs. The integrated gear mechanism allows for torque transmission and rotational control, enabling precise and controlled motion without the need for external gearing systems.
  • Backlash Control: Slewing rings can be designed with minimal backlash, ensuring precise motion control. Backlash refers to the play or clearance between mating gears or components, which can lead to lost motion or inaccuracies in positioning. By minimizing backlash, slewing rings offer improved accuracy and repeatability in motion control applications.
  • Versatility and Customization: Slewing rings are highly versatile and can be customized to meet specific application requirements. They can be tailored in terms of dimensions, load capacity, mounting interfaces, gear specifications, sealing systems, and materials. This versatility allows slewing rings to be optimized for various industries and applications, ensuring the best performance and compatibility.
  • Durable and Low Maintenance: Slewing rings are designed to be durable and require minimal maintenance. They are constructed with high-quality materials, precision manufacturing, and appropriate sealing systems to withstand harsh operating conditions and contaminants. This durability and low maintenance requirement contribute to the long service life and reliability of slewing rings.

Overall, slewing rings offer advantages such as compact design, high load-carrying capacity, smooth rotation, integrated gear mechanism, backlash control, versatility, customization options, and durability. These advantages make slewing rings a preferred choice in various applications, including construction machinery, material handling equipment, cranes, wind turbines, robotics, and manufacturing systems.

China supplier S355j2g3 Forged Ring Plate Rings Rotating Rings  China supplier S355j2g3 Forged Ring Plate Rings Rotating Rings
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